Remodeling and home building since 1989 Ecodwell started as a solution to a perpetual housing problem in Chicago: A lack of affordable (and more specifically “green”) new construction options in the city. Combining their areas of expertise, Avi Ron of … Read more »

Remodeling and home
building since 1989

Avi Ron

We view every project as a priority. You can trust that jobs as small as painting a single room are treated with the same care and craftmanship as new home construction.


Mar 16

While city living definitely has its perks, which is why we happily call Chicago home, proximity to nature isn’t the first thing we immediately detail when someone asks us about our love of the Windy City. Sure, there’s an exciting … Read more »

Mar 15

The term green is frequently tossed around, and when paired with the activity of building, means that the act is environmentally friendly and meets certain standards in minimizing the impact on the Earth’s natural resources. But what exactly are those … Read more »

Mar 14

With the increased focus on green living, LEED® is a word bantered about with some frequency. But what exactly does it mean, and how does a home or business go about obtaining it? Read on to find out. LEED® Defined … Read more »

Mar 13

While you might be on the precipice of calling a green home yours, here are some other ways, beyond just the construction and design of your new home, to incorporate green living into your lifestyle: 1). Use eco-friendly household products. … Read more »