1. Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

2. Countertops

3. Flooring: Incl.

Flooring Flooring

4. Stairs: Incl.

Flooring Flooring
Countertop Cabinet

5. Option A : Appliances : Included

Refrigerator GE GDSSOKC: 20.2 cuft
Dishwasher GE GLD3866
Hood GE JV348
Disposal Kitchen-Aid 1/2HP KCDB250G

Option B : Appliances : + $3,000

Refrigerator Kitchen-Aid KFIS20XVMS
Dishwasher Frigidaire FGHD2433KF
Hood Broan RM503004
Disposal Kitchen-Aid 3/4HP KCD1075V

6. Option A : Fixtures : INCLUDED

Kitchen Faucet Danze Parma Parma D404558
Kitchen Sink Wentworth CMU2318-9-16
Lavatory Faucets Danze Parma D222158 Single Lever
Lavatory Sinks Lenova Undermount PU-01-W
Toilets Gerber Maxwell Dual Flush Elongated
Bath Tub Kohler Villager K-716
Tub/Shower Sets Danze Parma D500058
Shower Sets Danze Parma D500058

Option B : Fixtures : $2,200

Kitchen Faucet Hangrohe Talis 0680100
Lavatory Faucets Hangrohe Metris S 3106001
Toilets Toto Aquia CST416M
Bath Tub Kohler Bellweather K-876
Tub/Shower Sets Hangrohe Metris S 31324001
Shower Sets Hangrohe Metris S 31323001

7. Floor Tile

A: Arctic White Floor Tile B: Artisan Brown Floor Tile C: Desert Grey Floor Tile
D: Suede Grey Floor Tile E: Uptown Taupe Floor Tile F: Urban Putty Floor Tile

8. Wall Tile

A: Arctic White Wall Tile B: Cypress Wall Tile C: Desert Grey Wall Tile D: Elemental Tan Wall Tile
E: Galaxy Wall Tile F: Misty Meadow Wall Tile G: Waterfall Wall Tile H: Spa     Wall Tile

9. Bedroom Storage

Bedroom One Closet

Built-in Shelving in Bedroom 1 Closet: $900

Bedroom Two Closet

Built-in Shelving in Bedroom 2 Closet: $450

Master Bedroom Closet

Built-in Shelving in Master Bedroom Closet: $1050

Pantry Storage with Cabinet Pantry Storage

10. Built-in Pantry Storage

  • Option A: None
  • Option B: Shelving $900
  • Option C: Base Cabinet with Countertop and Shelving $1,950
Total Price

1) Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

Smooth Thermafoil Finish


2) Countertops

Solid Surface Meganite Countertops


3) Flooring

Ebonized Oak


4) Stair Treads

Ebonized Oak


5) Appliances

Option A : Appliances


6) Fixtures

Option A : Fixtures


7) Tile


8) Wall Tile

Ceramic Wall Tile
Arctic White


Storage Built-in Cabinetry

Price Contingent Symbol

Rebate Explanation

The price of your Ecodwell home is contingent on selection of custom features and lot condition, as well as state and federal rebates.

For solar systems, there are two primary sources of funding: State Rebate and Federal Tax Credit

State Rebate

Illinois residents can get a 30% rebate (up to $10,000) from the State of Illinois for solar thermal and solar electric systems. Rebate funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis until the budget for the year is depleted. In the past, overflow applications have been added to a waiting list for the subsequent fiscal year. The State Rebate program is in effect until 2016.

Federal Tax Credit

Homeowners are also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit (uncapped) for solar thermal and solar electric systems (PV). The tax credit was extended by the IRS (effective January 1, 2009) until 2015.

Example Rebate Calculation

The cost to purchase and install two solar hot water panels is $11,000. First, the State Rebate is applied (30% of $11k) for $3,300 back. Then, the Federal Tax Credit is deducted from the remaining amount of $7,700 for an additional $2,310 back (30% of $7,700). So the net installed price is actually $5,390.

Green Permit Discount

Generally, it costs about $5,000 to get a building permit. This is an additional expense to construction. Fortunately, the Green Permit process practically eliminates the entire amount with a discount of approximately $5,000.